"Safe Business is Good Business"

You are required by law to have a safety management program at your workplace.

Do you know how to properly report and manage an incident?

Do you know where you keep your safety management records?

If you answered NO to any one of these questions you and your business are at risk. Current fines as high as $3,000,000 and 5 years in jail apply to breaches of Workplace Health and Safety law.

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Well kept records demonstrate proactive workplace health and safety (WHS) programs and improves your risk rating.

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safTdox is the only small business safety solution you will ever need or want.

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At safTdox we are passionate about workplace health and safety and small business.

Our professional team has over 25 years experience successfully helping small businesses with safety and business systems.

We know that safTdox helps businesses save money in many ways such as:

Lower insurance premiums; Better staff morale and retention; More efficient work practices.

Compliance at a click. Value packed and ready to use.


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safTdox Demo

Feel free to take the system for a test-run. The demo site is populated with a limited sample of the documents that are provided to our subscribers.



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About us:

The safTdox concept grew from observing the health and safety needs of small business operators. Three key problem areas are commonly found: time to find or create the documents you need, cost of hiring a safety expert to advise you, and understanding the legal obligations you have to meet.

We at safTdox have the expert knowledge and understanding you need. Better still we have packaged all of the safety management tools that you need into a state of the art, automated, fully serviced, cloud based platform that is ready to use as soon as you log in.

Don't wait until it's too late, get your safety system sorted right now with safTdox.




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